Two announcements!

I know I’ve been pretty quiet over here lately. And now it’s time to announce why:

I wrote a book!


You may recall a post I wrote a year ago when I finished the manuscript copy. For the past year I’ve been furiously editing, revising, getting feedback, doing more editing, glaring at the piles of printed-out manuscript, muttering rude remarks to myself about how awful it all was, editing some more, bouncing around the house like a caffeinated squirrel when I had an exciting breakthrough, more editing, staying up too late murmuring bits of dialogue (my husband would laugh and say, “You’re talking to yourself again” on his way to bed) and FINALLY…

… I finished it.

As in done. Finis. At last.


And now it’s on Amazon, and if you’ve ever wondered what kind of young adult fiction novel a writer who scribbles about faith deconstruction and mental illness might write in all her (non-existent) spare time, now’s your time to find out!

So that’s my first big announcement.

The other one is that I’ve started a second blog. If you like my rants, or if you like my writing but wouldn’t mind less rantyness, or if you like books and reading, or if you like writing yourself, or even if you just want to know the rather complicated backstory to this novel that I just published, then you are cordially invited to join me over at A Bluestocking with a Blog, which will be the home of all my more literary musings.

Don’t worry, I’m not abandoning Meredith Muddles. I still have plenty left to say about faith and PMDD. But those posts come as I am processing things, and take a lot of emotional energy to write, which is why there can be long gaps between posts. Since I am constantly reading, however, and since there are few things I like better than sharing my opinion about a book, you can expect more regular content from Bluestocking.

I hope to see you there!


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