About Me

Me with a cake, because I like this picture. (I baked that cake. I like baking too.)

My name is Meredith Lynn McCaskey and I like to write. So I write a lot. I read a lot too.

Round about when I was seventeen I used to know almost everything about life, but now I’m almost thirty and I don’t know very much anymore. I’m just muddling along. I think the muddling is important, though. Maybe most of us are muddling along. Nobody has it all figured out, and anybody who says otherwise is selling something.

A lot of the beliefs that I used to hold with clenched fists I now hold much more loosely. I’m a girl with a black-and-white past, learning how to see the world in color. I think that unless the heart of God is love, then we’re all screwed.

But maybe God’s heart is love, and maybe we get to participate in that love here and now.